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    I’m using Genesis and a plugin called genesis simple menus to define which secondary menu displays in certain sections of my menbership site.  I need to have another level and so was hoping to also be able to override the default primary menu as well.  Anyone done that before or know how I would go about having it “defined” by page like the secondary navigation is currently?



    If there isn’t an option in the plugin to define the primary menu too, then you’d have to write conditionals in your functions.php file to switch the menu based on which page you’re on.

    Do you need to use primary and secondary menus? If you only need one menu per page an alternative would be to use your current plugin and then just switch the primary and secondary menus.


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    I’ve written conditionals for this and you can also use a plugin.

    Simply change the conditional tags in this code to the page i.d’s you want to use or install the plugin.

    Code not displaying? Grab it from Github

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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