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    Hi all,

    Is anyone else noticing a drop in their Google Search results since the new Genesis 2.0 update? I’m using the WordPress Metro theme and had results on the first page of Google …. but since I installed the new G2.0 update, I’m not even on the first 10 pages.

    What do you all think?



    ohhh. that’s scarey. just started developing a new site in 2.0 with sixteen nine. Let’s hear more on this…



    I think that it is very unlikely that the update of the theme has anything to do with it.

    Your domain name is quite new with links to it from only one IP address. Google is unlikely to give much weight to these links (if any). It is unlikely that your website would rank highly for any competitive keywords yet.

    Sometimes new websites can get a temporary initial boost in rankings before it settles down in a more natural position. It is possible that the drop you experienced just happened to coincide with the change of theme.

    I don’t know if you have made use of the inbuilt SEO features of Genesis or alternatively the Yoast plugin. Good use of either of these will help your rankings in the long run.

    Just my opinion!

    Eamon Moriarty
    EM Dzine



    I was on page 1 for well over a year. My initial page was there for quite some time. Then around May, I moved the content to (using a 301 redirect), and it maintained it’s first page position for several months.

    I’m using the All-in-One SEO plugin. Is that a good one to use?




    I’ve also experienced a significant drop in traffic upon converting a site to Metro, but I doubt it has anything to do with the theme or Genesis 2.

    Google has gone pretty whack in recent months, and good sites are getting creamed by its Panda crackdown. If there is some kind of Metro theme link to traffic loss, I’d love to hear about it. If changing themes would bring back my traffic, I’d be deliriously happy. But seems unlikely.



    You dont need the “All-in-One SEO”-Plugin!
    You dont need to edit settings for “Genesis – SEO “!

    for your site “falseprophets” u need:

    1. a better integration with google plus for your related content
    2. to change the link from your homepage to the facebook group. instead make a Facebook site for your domain and change the link to a like box with fan pictures without stream. make a tab for the group on your new facebook site.
    3. to think about the spreadmania on your site. sharing buttons on top of article, sharing buttons on the end of article and a sharing plugin on scrolling down with fixed position. DOOOOOOH! but there are only circles for sharing. use instead only the originals jetpack sharing buttons at the end of the article. so you can analyze the sharings. if there is only a few people who shares your word, you must think about your writing style.
    4. animate your readers to use the sharing buttons, but concentrate on your business trendsetting, you have 10 sharing buttons … check your stats and use max 3 sharing buttons to other platforms. use 1 sharing button for mail and another for RSS !
    5. to make unique phrases on different social platforms and let the user read the whole article on your site. let them interact only on your site.

    All-in-One SEO turns for all in: All-in-One Social ! That means, you have to interact with your reader, you have to animate and entertain them. dont be a SEO-Webmaster. We all dont need SEO anymore. SEO its outdated !

    Greeting from Germany ! Olli Deutschmann



    If Gen 2 or Metro decreased SEO signals, that is unsettling for sure.



    So after re-reading this thread, may I ask the two posters why you think a Theme change will not search engine rankings? In my opinion, it is a distinct possibility as it changes all the on-page formulas. Keyword density is changed, the first line where your content body starts also changes for the most part. This is like feeding a whole new source page to the search engines.

    Can anyone else comment on this?



    How important are Anchor tag put on site for example ” Sarasota Real Estate

    how much will this help me for SEO for Genesis 2.0 update?



    Mealtog: Not sure if you were asking me, but I would not attribute a drastic fall in traffic or SERP placements to changing WP themes.

    Redesigns do shuffle the deck, we all know that. Any changes of note can and do affect specific SERP placements, but a fall in traffic of say 50 percent would not be attributable to a theme change unless it was botched (as in all title tags wiped out, permalink changes without 301s, or not turning off the privacy setting.)

    The Panda fallout is significant and well documented. Unfortunately, Google has no problem with nuking non-brand name sites of quality — it’s just collateral damage to them. The SEO community seems to agree they screwed up this time.

    But like I said, if there is a link between Metro (or G2) and traffic loss, I’d be delighted to change themes and get back the traffic. Just seems unlikely.

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