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    I have just started doing the seo for my site and am unsure about a couple of things…

    In google webmaster they are asking if I want a preferred domain. Is it better to choose no preference or with/without the ‘www’ ?

    I am using Yoast seo. Do I need to write in the Meta Description for the page or is it ok to use what they have generated in the snippet preview? For a couple of pages, I have left the snippet preview because it looks good and relevant but on the page analysis it’s then giving me a red alert. Not sure if I should leave it?



    1. Regarding with or without www – it is personal choice. If your hosting setup has configured www in front of domain, then select www. Ideally, I set www while setting up website hosting like on dreamhost and select nothing webmaster. If you are not sure, select no preference. Google is smart enough to figure this out.

    2. For Yoast seo plugin, it will add first few lines of post as meta description. Keep that selected and you can manually over-ride it per post by adding own meta description for specific post. If you do not add own description for articles, it will use automatically generated description – that is ideal setup.



    Thank you idavinder! Just to be clear, I should ideally keep what has been generated but make sure that I put the keyword in the meta description if it’s not already been automatically generated?


    If you enable meta description settings, every post will have automatically generated Meta Description (which is good). If you manually enter meta description for specific post(s), then that will over-ride or replace the automatically generated meta description.



    Great, thank you for that!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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