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    Melanie Amorim

    Is there a way to add a portfolio page feature to the Serenity theme similar or exactly like the Lifestyle theme ?


    Love the portfolio feature I have used on this preview page:


    Need a solution for this page:


    Thank You



    You can create the portfolio page using this tutorial or install a plugin (Beta)


    Melanie Amorim

    Awesome – Thank you!  Will give the tutorial a try.


    Melanie Amorim

    I did install the portfolio based on the tutorial and it works ok. Making a new page adds a portfolio image.

    But would like to pull portfolio items automatically from existing blog post categories not creating duplicate pages and posts.

    It is possible to make a portfolio widget like in the lifestyle theme work in another theme, such as Serenity and/or Cre8tive Burst ?

    I had it working for a moment and then it was gone at some point during the install of portfolio tutorial.

    now it’s just previewing my site as if you are on the homepage…

    I am trying to duplicate what is going on in Lifestyle to my theme, but I think I am missing something.

    Thanks in advance.



    How about the plugin? Did you try that?


    Melanie Amorim

    I didn’t because I was afraid of all the BETA warnings.   But  I just did load it.  Again – yes it works well but seems as if it’s doing the same thing, I would need to input each portfolio item.  There are not many directions and I am missing the point of “features/taxonomies” ?

    Added a new portfolio using the plugin, no image yet (
    In the settings you can choose “Posts” and specific category “Graphic Design” but not sure what to do next or what that does?
    I guess I just want a fancy archive page for this category I already have established

    going back to the lifestyle theme – love the portfolio feature I have used on this preview page:

    but don’t want to change my or my other clients theme.


    Melanie Amorim

    I found this plugin

    Category Grid View Gallery”  

    it’s still new but I think it will achieve the effect I want.


    Thanks for your previous assistance / response !

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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