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    This might be a very silly question, but:

    I’m using Prose for Genesis. I realize that Prose is in itself a child theme of Genesis. Do I need to create another child theme of Prose to make my own changes? Or is the Genesis interface such that my changes won’t get lost when I update Prose and Genesis?





    Hey Josh,

    Here are two options to consider:
    1- install Jetpack and activate the custom css module to place your custom css changes

    2- follow what Chris Cree advises here

    I use the jetpack module in many cases and it works out for me.

    My $.02

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    Prose has it’s own way of saving CSS in a separate file. It is set up totally different than all of the other Studiopress child themes. You should backup regularly when you use Prose because a lot of people have lost custom CSS when they were editing. So, be sure to use the Custom CSS box that is “included” with the Prose theme to make all of your custom edits and back up your Custom CSS periodically – even if you do a copy/paste into Notpad or something.



    Thanks, Robin! And thanks, anitac. The custom CSS box is what had me wondering. I’m a good backer-upper, so I should be fine. I appreciate the help!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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