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    Hi All,

    I have finally, after much review and help from a couple of mentors, decided to use Genesis as my framework. I haven’t even purchased it yet (planning on Pro) but since 2.0 is right around the corner, will there be any big issues with using the beta to start working on my own site right now? Of course, I intend to convert my own site and use that process to thoroughly learn Genesis. So, should I use the beta or wait until the official release? Note that I am anxious to get started….




    Hello Jim,

    Beta could have bugs that may affect your site. So unless you are comfortable with php and the Genesis framework, I would wait for the release.

    Fortunately, the wait shouldn’t be too much longer.


    Bill Murray

    If you don’t have a live site, you’re better off to start with the beta because you can work with HTML5 and the current hooks.

    If you do have a live site and it’s not on Genesis, you can still start with the beta and focus your conversion work on building an HTML5 site using the latest features. You should just wait to launch a live site until Genesis 2.0 is out of beta. That said, there are several high-traffic sites that are running the beta now. Nothing will blow up if you use the beta, and if you’re comfortable with solving problems, you could launch while 2.0 is still in beta.

    The beta will change between now and final release, but your time working it will not be wasted. Changes from here on out will be subtle.

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    Thanks so much for the replies. I can work on my live site but on my local environment. That way I can learn Genesis (why I want to get started now…) and be largely ready to deploy when 2.0 goes live. Okay, time to get started, ordering now!



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