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    When front page is static, Is naming the Home Page as /index the right thing to do?
    After i choose it as my front page, the URL will (redirect?) look just like plain domain name address, but should i publish it as index originally before i choose it as front?

    Thank you very much in advance.



    When you select static page – it is treated as the home page. So when someone goes to your domain name, the first place they will go is that home page which is the static page. You don’t have to do anything.



    Yes, but to choose any static page as my Front Home Page, i first need to create it.

    So i need to enter something (any name) in the title field (which then automatically becomes a part of the URL), when i create the first static page. And then i will have to publish it, and choose as my front HomePage.

    I know that Front Home Page will work with any name, but i am afraid it could create problems down the road? For example, on one of my sites, all pages but Home Page redirect perfectly through Yoast Redirect generated code i uploaded to my .htaccess file.

    The HomePage however only redirects to /index page which i don’t even have on my site and so the Front Home Page ends in error.

    So i was wondering if how i name the page which i then choose as my Front Home Page matters?

    Thank you.



    Ok, I answered your question based on what you initially asked. You didn’t mention anything about SEO so therefore, since you are using Yoast, you should probably ask them how best to configure that.



    Yes, i understand, thank you for answering :)

    It is not Yoast SEO plugin, i do not use it, so it is not Yoast SEO related. That link to Yoast site is their 301 redirect code generator tool somebody just posted here in these forums. I am assuming Yoast made it for generating a standard 301 redirect code, and on both my sites it generates error 404 for my Front Home Page only.

    Still cannot figure out how to resolve this Front Home Page redirect error issue, or where to ask :(



    The permalink of the page you select to be your static front page becomes “invisible” for lack of a better way to describe it. The name of that page doesn’t become part of the URL if it’s selected to be the home page.

    What happens when you remove the redirect for /index from the .htaccess? It sounds like that was mistakenly put in there to me.



    Well, as i used that Yoast Redirect Generator tool from their , it gave me only one line of code i had to upload to my .htaccess file. In my case the code was:

    RedirectMatch 301 ^/([^/]+).html$$1

    A single line of code for all pages redirect, so i cannot delete one /index page redirect.

    It’s the same problem for my other site on which i too did not have /index page …

    Thank you very much for looking into it anyway…



    There’s way to add a conditional to exclude index using RewriteCond, but I think you’d also have to change the RedirectMatch to a RewriteRule

    I’m a little rusty on rewrite rules, but I might be able to figure one out.

    Is this supposed to redirect a specific page called /index.html to your main URL? If that rule is redirecting all of your other .html files to WordPress permalinks of the same name, I’d use a separate rule for that one page.

    I would use this: Redirect permanent /index.html

    iirc, I think it would go above the other RedirectMatch, to be matched first, before the other rule. If that’s not what you’re trying to do, then forget I said anything :)

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