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    I have only been designing websites for a while so i’ll try to make sense.

    I’m creating a multisite with many child themes using genesis-
    My Multisite themes will be very similar as all themes will share the same php templates and the same functions.php (and basic css layout changes), the only difference to all themes will be skin changes as I do digital art so will be using css and images in the child themes and will be the only things that differentiate the child themes.

    The problem I have is there are still many changes I would like to add to functions.php and some template that all child themes will share (so all child themes will have the same php changes between them but different css and images between them). This would mean if I ever want to make php changes or have any errors, I will keep having to copy and pasting the new function.php and php templates into each of my child themes.

    This was why I was hoping I could use genesis parent theme to make the php changes and basic css changes that I want all child themes to share.

    When upgrading genesis it will break my site I know, but cant I just copy and paste my php file changes back into the new upgraded genesis directory and do this everytime I upgrade. As for the functions php I can just copy and paste the actual code changes and paste it into the upgraded genesis parent theme each time.

    I don’t think there is any other option as wordpress only allows 1 child theme per parent theme. Unlike something like magento ecommerce for example – you can create a default directory that overwrites the base and acts like a wordpress child theme but magento allows you to create another directory that overwrites files in the default theme that act like mini child themes this allows you to do skin changes.



    No need to reply to this unless its for references I have found another solution

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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