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    So this is a weird one for me. I’m a novice, so maybe this is an easy fix, but for some reason when I make my browser window smaller than the entire width of my site (so you can only see half the sidebar), if I scroll back to the right (as if to look at something on the sidebar), there’s nothing there. It looks like my background is somehow overlapping my sidebar, but I don’t know where to diagnose this. Maybe it’s a weird responsive design thing? Any help is appreciated.


    Pic for reference:



    I think that’s a normal responsive design where the sidebar displays below the content.



    That’s the thing. When the window reaches the responsive design threshold, yes, the sidebar moves to the bottom of the page. But this is BEFORE the threshold. For some reason the sidebar is being clipped by the background image as soon as the window is less the 960px, but before the sidebar is instructed to move down (in my case 675px is when it first starts). I’m sure this isn’t normal, but I’m not sure how to fix it.



    Well, I was able to keep the sidebar from getting clipped when the browser window is resized by setting a value in #wrap to 980px. Now, my responsive design rules are reacting negatively to that, so that’s what I’ll try to fix now. Will post an answer if I get one for future searches.



    You shouldn’t be able to scroll horizontally when the responsive rules take over. Actually, there should never be a horizontal scroll unless something is wrong. You most likely had an absolute width set somewhere that wasn’t overridden by a matching rule in the responsive section. Now you only have one responsive effect @ about 680px.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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