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    Nile Flores

    So, I’ve checked in Chrome and IE, and the image I want in my sidebar is where it is suppose to be, on the left side (content on the right). However, when checking in Firefox, the image has been moved under the content.

    I’m suffering from a major cold, and looking at this way too long rather than go to bed and rest up.

    I’m using the Eleven40 Pro child theme as a base for this. Any suggestions on what I missed?

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    It’s showing up okay for me in Firefox unless I make the browser window small enough to invoke the responsive CSS. I know that probably isn’t helpful but thought I’d let you know!

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    Nile Flores

    Maybe I’m just weird… you weren’t the only one that let me know it looked fine. I’m going to mark this as resolved… I hate when I have colds.

    Thank you for taking a look for me :)

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    Hi. I have been going nuts myself with a similar problem – I am using NEWS_PRO.

    I am developing a site locally using MAMP. It was fine in firefox, and I did a menu edit, and boom. Sidebar moves below content.

    It is fine in Safari and Chrome.

    I re-installed plugins, theme, even dropped the tables in my database and re-imported from before the break – yet the sidebar below conent persists.

    I have changed no CSS sizes.

    I scanned the page source for stray divs, and all div tags were matched.


    Any ideas?

    Thanks – this is truly maddening.

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 11 months ago by  adamrafferty.


    Andrea, Nile

    After 9 hours of pulling my hair out – I may have solved this…

    I had “zoomed out” to make the font smaller on FIrefox, and it actually moves the sidebar.

    I am relieved, but I reinstalled everything and re-importad my database twice, only to
    accidentally find this fix.

    Insane, but a happy ending.

    – Adam

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