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    i’m tring configuring the plugin “All in One Calendar” and testing with Eleven40 Studiopress Theme.

    For to have a customized event page i should create a file php with contents of SINGLE.php of my theme!

    I’m not able to find that code, i know that the Studiopress themes works on Genesis framework and i tried following studiopress tutorial for create a portfolio page but it don’t work!

    I suppose i just need to “call” the layout template and then go to modify content for show events details!

    Can somebody help me please!




    I have the same problem using the News child theme. I have copied the “single.php” from the Genesis folder to my theme folder and renamed it as instructed by Timely.

    However, apart from a php start and some out commented lines it only cotains this line of code:


    and that doesn’t say much to me.

    I need to create this page to remove the sidebar from the single event page.



    hi jchris,

    use this code inside the file php:
    * The custom portfolio post type archive template

    /** Force full width content layout */
    add_filter( 'genesis_pre_get_option_site_layout', '__genesis_return_full_width_content' );

    … you should obtain page without sidebars if is just that your issue!

    I’m looking the way to customize the order of contents (time, map, excerpt, etc etc) but i think is not so easy with this plugin, i thinking to try Event Organiser, more customizable!




    Thank you. That worked fine.

    I haven’t tried the Event Organizer. I picked the All-In-One-Calendar because several calendars can share content via rss. The goal is to set up a calendar database for folk song festivals in the Nordic countries. In each country/region we want to present whats relevant but also have the possibility of showing all events in all countries.  My impression is that the Event Organiser can’t do this.

    There is one feature that I really would appreciate, semantic coding of the events. (Microformats, RDFa or Microdata (from If you know of a calendar  pluginn that does this I would be interested in evaluating it.

    Bets regards,




    Your welcome Chris,

    happy to be helpful!!

    I test it more events plugins but i can’t say what’s the best, each has its strengths and weaknesses  …

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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