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    Any feedback would be great!


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    Wow, nice. It really shows off your property. The Epik theme was a great choice for your site.



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    Very nice!

    When I loaded the  page, I noticed the site painting the picture frame border on the main image really slow.  One idea might be to compress the image, use on image home-frame.png

    I downloaded the image and tried it, the side reduced the image by 45% and with no quality loss.

    For jpg’s I use

    Best of all, it’s FREE!


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    Thanks guys! I’m loving the Epik theme.

    Devnick, I will definitely compress that .png . Thanks for the heads up.


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    That’s a fantastic job.

    Can you tell me how you did it?

    After 5 years with Thesis, I just purchased Genesis and the Epik theme which out of the box is nothing remotely close to the demo.

    Still don’t quite understand this because when you buy Twitter Bootstrap themes you get the actual demo on your site and work backwards to make it your own. With Genesis and child themes, it looks like I’m going to have to hand code everything anyway so I’m a little confused on the purpose of the child themes.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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    looking great Blue really nice work, one small thing I noticed is that in Chrome, you’re getting 1 error with a missing graphic header.png, which i believe in the epik child theme is related to the custom header background.

    Other than that looking good :)

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    Thanks Stewart, I fixed the header.png thing.  I hadn’t noticed that one.

    vincentpolisi, with Genesis child themes you don’t have the dummy content automatically added so you have to do that yourself by importing the XML file included with your child theme. It’s in a folder labeled xml. Or you can just add it yourself manually.  (

    The theme will make much more sense once the content is in there and then you can start making your modifications.  Check out the Appfinite support forum also. It is a huge help.

    For the Epik theme this widget location screenshot is super helpful:

    Let me know if you have any specific questions about the modifications I made. I’m happy to help.



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    Wow, what a great-looking site!


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    Exactly – WOW – you have inspired me to use Epik. I actually bought it some weeks ago and then lost interest in it. Not now!!


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    Epik Theme looked great to me and i purchased it.
    Unfortunately the Epik Theme developer website ( ) is not reachable from Italy anymore ( we know the website had hosting problems as the owner pointed out in the last months).
    I’ve tried to get in touch with him via Twitter and other ways, still the website and related support info for the theme are not reachable from Italy, unless i use Vidalia Tor Bundle which is not the way i am supposed to get in touch to the developer of a Theme i purchased.
    Wes, you’ve done a great job with your theme but please do check about this issue, you surely might be missing customers from Italy.



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    Nice design! You have gone twenty steps further than I did on

    I also have issue connecting to form the UK since they moved servers.


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    Wow, this is really an amazing homepage.


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    Wow, this is awesome! Did you use a plugin for the slider? I’d love something like that on my own!


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    I am most envious. That is a very well done home page and layout.

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