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    Hi Everyone,

    I think this site is finished, though I might add another image or two to the slider. Still, I guess it’s 99.9% done. I’d welcome any feedback! Oh, I built it on the News theme.



    Looks great :-) I did notice that some of the images are missing on some of the pages ( the ones under what we do).



    Thanks so much, Sara! I’m not sure why those images weren’t showing up. I just added them again, and they seem to be showing up now.




    HI Amelia,

    The site looks great, I would just make the following changes:

    1. changing the genesis favicon to one using the Wezesha logo (The all-in-one favicon plugin makes it very easy)
    2. Use something other than just changing the text-colour on the navigation text to show when it is selected: e.g. making the text bold

    I just clicked through to the “Our Mission” page and the text is cut off on the right hand-side. It should be a simple fix by either setting:

    • max-width:
    • or

    • margin-right:

    under the #content div.

    I love the cause as well.

    P.S. I viewed the site using Firefox 21.0

    I tweet as @trishawebs

    “Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody’s ever made before.” ~ Neil Gaiman

    • This reply was modified 2 years, 3 months ago by  Trisha. Reason: Noticed the our mission page text being clipped
    • This reply was modified 2 years, 3 months ago by  Trisha. Reason: Noticed the our mission page text being clipped


    Wow, thanks, Trisha! You have a fantastic eye for detail!

    The favicon–Why did I forget that? Yes, need to do that.

    Text clipped–Didn’t even notice that. I will definitely use your solution.

    Will look into nav bar, as well.




    Was it a design decision that the video extends outside the facebook like iframe?

    Also, on Chrome (latest release) the buttons on your slider are cut off.

    Overall, I like the general appearance, color, and font choices.

    Eric Lauritzen




    Thanks, Eric, for your helpful feedback. I fixed the issue with the Facebook box and the video by simply adding a space at the top of the text widget that holds the FB like box. It is still not the exact size of the video, but I think looks much neater this way.

    I will look into the slider buttons issue.




    I think everyone has given you great advice. The slider still appears to be a little too wide though and is spilling from the designated area.

    For me the site is slow. Have you though about speeding it up by using the free version of Incapsula? That could speed you up a bit without the hassle of using a caching plugin.



    Thanks so much for your feedback, Elizabeth. I changed the slider options, and it seems to fit better now.

    I will look into speeding it up.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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