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    I finally made the move and ‘went live’ placing my test url files into my public_html root folder to migrate the site and repoint the DNS servers. I did a database find and replace and import to ensure old urls were changed to new ones. However, I have lost all my widgets, plugins and some images (not in posts but in pages) and I don’t have widgetised sidebars – things like Genesis Simple Hooks are clearly activated back-end but not functioning front end.

    I have no idea now how to get these all working so the site renders correctly. I’ve also lost homepage featured slots as those too were populated with Genesis Advanced Featured Page plugins. I’ve lost primary navbar too for some reason.

    Anyone an idea how to resolve this as my site is live and pretty awful right now?

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 8 months ago by  wizz6113.


    How did you “migrate” to the new location? What were your steps? This will help in troubleshooting your issues. I would use this plugin and put the site in maintenance mode while you fix it.



    thanks Anitac for the help. I did the migration using the reset database method, which I have used to upload sites from bitnami to test server and had no problems.

    However, this time, the rot set in I think because my host – Siteground – moved my files in error before I was ready to do it (I’d merely asked them about the move, not instructed them to do it!), and then they moved the files back to the test. Hence my url changed to their IP followed by database name and then my original test url. I think then when I did the move, I didn’t find and replace that full IP url but merely the test backslash one. I am going to try to get the database and re-run the find and replace with that IP / url and start again.

    What worries me is that the menus aren’t showing and that shouldn’t be related to the database – or am I wrong on that?



    I’ve gone into the database and seen that the plugins and css etc have some numeric values before them. Would this be normal? The url is correctly as but before it I’ve the numeric part, home, my database name – strate63 – and then public_html. Is any part of this string wrong? This is the Askimet example.

    ‘recently_edited’, ‘a:5:{i:0;s:85:”/home/strate63/public_html/”;

    Any one help!!!! re plugins, do I just deactivate and delete and then reinstall? Perhaps that might work. What worries me is the CSS not working.




    OK, so I am having to manually recreate ALL the Widgets! Which is a real pain.

    But I am really not sure what to do about plugins (I lost genesis simple hooks for eg and everything else of course), and the menus. Anyone an idea how I can reactivate those? And where do I do that? Via ftp and in the database?

    I have read about a bit on the web and it seems other people have lost these while migrating Genesis. I don’t think I am alone in this?



    Genesis Developer

    For database migration You should use the WP Migrate DB plugin. This is very powerful plugin and you will not loss any settings for plugins, widgets, images etc when you are moving the site from development server to live server.



    Thanks Genwrock for the advice. Next time heh! Wish I’d done this on this instance, as I had no idea my plug in, genesis hooks and widget content would be wiped out! I am manually rebuilding it all. Takes time. Live and let learn! Thanks for the advice.

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