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    Hey guys,
    First time poster here. I’ve been looking around for a solution. I’m using the Metro Theme child theme. I expected way better load times with genesis but it seems my homepage is long to load because of the images (for example the 700×400 features post image).

    I was wondering if there’s a way around that :S


    Generally you’ll find Genesis loads very fast but shared hosting can ruin that.

    You could:

    Use a CDN
    Smushit plugin
    Managed hosting



    I already have a managed hosting which is very fast.

    I want to make it even faster but from what I can see on speed tests, on the homepage, the site will load the full images even if the actual size showed is 10 times smaller.
    That’s what I would like to avoid :S



    Your images aren’t really contributing that much to your load from what I can see.

    You have 3x 302 redirects which are harming you and a lot of external resources. Disqus and your ads seem to be hurting. You could specify better caching although the ads and disqus won’t cache.

    You also have quite a few fonts, you could reduce to a couple to help improve.



    Thanks for the feedback man. I have since removed the ads, didn’t bring that much money anyway… However I do not know how I could decrease Fonts. :S

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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