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    I have just started using genesis to build my sites.
    I have heard that wp should be installed in a sub folder, not home directory.
    This makes sense to me from site security and file structure, keeping wp install in its own folder.
    Is this a reasonable assumption to be best practise?
    I have installed wp/genesis in a folder/blog
    Installed simple HTML redirect index page in home directory…
    Will this tend to slow site loading? Will it effect Google spiders, ranking etc?

    Lastly, I am creating a site that will require quite a few plugins for functionality and additional design/short codes etc, possibly buddy press as well.
    In this case, and thinking of site loading times again, I am thinking of creating the picture gallery on its own wp install in sub folder with its own database. Possibly separate buddy press blog from my site blog as well, not sure I need to do that yet.
    Will separating sections into sub folders with own wp/db help site loadings for plugin heavy site?
    Will the file structure again not suit Google bots? Effect serps?
    Any advice welcome before I get started.

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 10 months ago by  stuartb.

    1. Installing WP in a folder is matter of choice and keeping things organized. If one WP install per domain is required, then installing it in root makes more sense. Installing in a folder does not make it more secure, because your folder name can be easily tracked from website source code.

    2. Using separate WP for gallery is a good option to keep things organized. This is wise decision, if you going to post 1000s of images. For few 100 images using default WP install is a better choice.

    3. If both default and gallery WP install are one same server, then resource utilization will be almost same as when both are clubbed into one WP install.

    In my opinion, either install WP in root or sub-folder does not matter much. But if images in gallery are not big in numbers, use one WP install – things are more easy this way. Ideally install WP in root and use it for everything including gallery.



    thanks Davinder,
    that’s generally what I’ve done in the past, guess I was just over thinking this one after reading a bit of erroneous advice!
    Keep it simple


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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