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    I’m using Sixteen Nine some weeks now. I will change the site width. At the moment the theme is full-site-width. I will change the width to 970px and the navigation shouldn’t change on the top and not on the left side. On smaller gadgets it is on the top. Well I know, this theme is responsive but I don’t like the full-site-width design .. how to change it like


    “Crave” is responsive but fixed on a width and not full-site


    Erin Ulrich

    It’s a bit hard to answer without a link to the site. I’m not exactly clear on whether you want to change the width of the entire .site-container (which is by default 1280px), or just the .site-inner (1140px). Either way there will be additional adjustments to .content, etc. Can you please post a link to your site?

    Erin Ulrich | Design by Insight | @erinulrich

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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