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    Hi all, web design isn’t my day job however im trying to update my site myself bit by bit.

    Basically my home top left widget in the content area of homepage has a huge space below it and im sure this relates to padding although I have checked my css for both home top left and bottom widgets to see which is the issue but I cannot find the issue. most if not all paddings say zero by default. id really appreciate your help and I thank you in advance.



    I don’t know anything about this particular theme but as far as I can see the problem has nothing to do with padding.

    The problem seems to be that the Home widget and the widgets CLICK HERE TO SPEAK WITH US NOW and GET A FREE CALL BACK are all contained within one DIV called ‘home-top’.
    So the height of ‘home-top’ is determined by the height of those two widgets on the right.
    The solution would seem to involve either put in more text to fill the space (easy) or change the page structure (not so easy).

    Eamon Moriarty
    EM Dzine



    That all makes sense! I didn’t think of that but that’s my fault for attempting to do changes to something I am not very fluent in.

    Massive thanks for your help!

    I don’t really want more text in there so maybe ill have to alter the sidebar to suit which was I altering anyway.

    Thank you once again


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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