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    I am working on my Prose theme and would like to include a slider between the header and the secondary nav menu.

    I have tried working off this guide and followed several related discussion on this forum with little success. I have installed the Genesis Simple Hook and Responsive Slider plugins.

    And I have also viewed this which talks about using posts as the slider content for the Agency theme which I couldnt replicate on Prose.

    I may have confused myself to what seems like a fairly simple process according to the guides… and decided to back track and ask for help here.

    I have zero coding experience, and with the Custom Coding function in Prose which I have used for other minor changes… I have not touched the theme source files directly.

    Any help much appreciated.




    I wrote a post about this recently.

    Simply copy the code using the view raw link and paste it at the end of the Prose child themes /lib/init.php file.

    Please use a code edit like Notepad++



    Thanks Brad. With your help I now have the Home Slider widget.

    I’d appreciate your help with the following:

    1) I have installed the Responsive Slider on the widget and got it to work using posts as sliders. I cant get it to work using pages.

    2) The post content box displayed on the slider image varies in height according to the amount of post content. Is there anyway I can fix the displayed content to match the height of the slider regardless of the post content?

    3) How can I get rid of the white/grey border/wrap? around the slider, so that the slider width matches the header width (1100px) and touches the header and nav. I have set the slider image setting at 1100 x 300 px.


    Thanks in advance.





    Hi Abe

    Firstly, I always suggest using Genesis plugins with Genesis however while I believe this is a good basic slider, its limited in the features it offers at the moment. For pulling in posts excerpts with the featured image, it does a good job.

    There are other good sliders as well, like Easing Slider, Slide Deck and Soliloquy which are all different and enable you to upload images as well as create multiple sliders with video content and extended features.

    Some sliders offer built in settings for padding and borders as well.

    2. You’d need custom coding for this.

    3. Please install Firebug and inspect elements so you can change the CSS in real time without editing code. You can remove borders, padding etc and change values for different CSS properties.



    Thanks Brad.

    This is very helpful. I will try out the suggested slider plugins and Firebug.







    Good stuff Abe.



    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for this snippet.

    How would we adjust this so that the slider appears on page one *only* of the home page blog listings?



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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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