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    It’s ongoing work in progress however we want to encourage and service everyone’s solar energy ambitions. Feed back is appreciated!



    I like the big open space. Plenty of room around everything and pretty nice font size (you could go bigger but this is nice).

    The header image could use a bit more fade or something so it blends with the background better. I feel like the logo placement and the header right widgets don’t balance well. It would be nice if the phone number and search box felt more integrated to that design.

    The text in the second slide doesn’t fit completely.

    On pages like this one, use heading tags instead of bold text to organize your content for better reading and indexing



    I like it and will second what Nick said regarding the text. Any chance you get use a legitimate  <h> tag to help in search indexing you should use it.

    By the way which Ecommerce plugin is that?



    Thank you very much for the feedback. I see what you mean regarding the heading and will start implementing that asap. I’m using cart66 with the Mijireh checkout and paypal however not sure if it’s working all the time yet. Had several bugs. Any other suggestions like where to find good material to use on fading the logo or enhancing the phone number? Thanks again!



    I really like your site.  Great topic.  The pictures change too fast sometimes when there is more to read.  That says a lot for the slides though.  I tried to read them.  The problem is I could always finish and I lost attention.  I’m not sure.  I might have ADD.  Have a good day!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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