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    I’ve just bought the Genesis framework along with the Executive theme and so far my messing around is going well with me able to get the homepage to look a lot like the demo etc. However I’ve a couple of questions which I’ve not been able to find in the documentation myself.

    1. Can you tell me or point me to a learning resource as to how I would add different widgets to different pages. E.g. if I wanted say a search widget in Footer 1 widget area on the Home page but say RSS feed widget on a Contacts page?

    2. I’ve created a page called Blog and selected the Blog template for it. It shows all posts I’ve created. How do I filter these and adjust their formatting? Again, if it’s complex then a pointer to some documentation/tutorial would be appreciated.

    2. Why does the WP Reading settings need to be set up as “Your Latest Posts” for the slider to appear as expected on the front page?  It sometimes vanishes after me making changes elsewhere in WP and I have to reset this setting to get it to reappear. Not a big problem but just wondering why this is the case. Messing with the Types plugin seems especially to do this.

    Hope these Qs aren’t too stupid.

    Thanks in advance.



    1. Just drag the widgets into the widget areas on the widgets page. Go to Appearance > Widgets. If you want to only display specific widgets on specific pages, install the Widget Logic plugin and add the conditional tag for whatever condition you want.

    2. How do I filter these and adjust their formatting. What exactly do you want filtered and what do you want to change in the HTML formatting?

    3. The home page widgets only work when the reading settings as configured to display your latest posts and the home page widgets are populated. You can use a static page for your front page but then you’ll lose the widgets. You can replace them using custom functions with conditional tags for the home page. Example: is_home()



    Hi Brad. Thanks for your reply

    1. So what you’re saying is, use the Widgets page to specific all widgets for all pages and then “filter” them in or out using that plugin?

    2. It might something as simple as only displaying posts of a certain category but it might also be more complex: I’m developing a recruitment site and so need to be able to add and display Jobs. I’ve used the Types plugin to create a custom post type “Jobs” complete with custom fields “Salary” and “Location”. So I’d like a page to display only these Job type posts and I’d like to be able to say whether just to show the post title + salary + location or an excerpt or the whole post depending on where I display it.

    3. OK so is that common to all Genesis child themes?






    1. Exactly Neil

    2. Can be done. Written about this also. Can use PHP or a plugin.

    3. Generally, yes but adding a slider to a static home page is easy using a custom function, conditional and Genesis hook.


    Hook the slider in directly

    Or hook a custom widget area and use the Genesis slider in the new widget area

    Code not displaying? Grab it on Github



    OK thanks a lot mate.

    When you say you’ve written about it – does that mean I can find the relevant info on your blog?



    Yes. Try the search box in these forums first and then try the Google search on my site which works well.

    You can also find hundreds of code snippets for Genesis on Github Gists as well as the ones i have embedded in these forums.



    I tried adding widgets to the widget areas but they only appear on the home page in that theme. Using Widget Logic didn’t change this. Is this because in the Executive theme these widget areas are called things like Home Top and therefore only work on the home page? In that case do I need to create custom widget areas to do this or am I doing something wrong?



    Yes because they’re hard coded into the home.php file. You would need to create a custom home.php or custom page template to change that.

    You’re not doing anything wrong.

    Yes, you can create custom widgets area’s in your child themes functions.php file which is easy with the code i have supplied.



    OK I think I’m starting to get my head around this now. So would I be correct in thinking that a quick and dirty way of producing pages with a reasonable level of widgetisation would be to copy the home.php file to a create a new template and then use Widget Logic to filter the widgets?

    I’ll start messing with that code and see what happens.



    Thats one way to do it and i wrote about this recently. Depends on your needs. That would be a custom page template which you could also add conditionaal tags in the template file.

    Registering widgets in custom functions and hooking them into position is another thats more flexible.

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