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    I installed Simple Edits Plugin today and tried to add an HTML code in the footer credits through that plugin (Big MISTAKE!!!)

    Now my blog is all messed up….

    I don’t know if everyone sees this (specially on Firefox), but I see hooks codes all over the place… Can you please verify:

    Please visit do you see genesis hooks everywhere? Header before and after? Sidebar before and after? I see red boxes with hooks in them…
    Can you please help me how to fix this?

    Much appreciated.



    Jamie Mitchell
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    Not seeing any issues on your site

    try logging out, can you still see the hooks?


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    Looks fine from here, too. Clean and neat, but there are a few dozen code errors (nothing serious), though.


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    Thank you everyone…

    I did what was recommended by Jamie… so these don’t appear if I am logged out.

    @RonnyMac wow!! that’s a lot of errors!! how would you suggest I begin addressing these? I am not a coder and take photos, so don’t have a clue how to start here.

    @nglstudios thank you for your comments. I believe you are asking about HelloBar. the one at the top is Hello Bar.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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