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    We just downloaded the creative burst theme and the download/transaction ID from is not working to extract the zip file for the sources.  Is the transaction the equivalent to the download ID that can be viewed from the downloads page when mousing over a theme download link?  Our billing email lists a 6 digit number as ‘transaction ID’ but neither will work.  The theme ID number is 1752 (


    Andrea Rennick

    No, ther eis no relation. A transaction ID is not needed to extract the zip. The file is not encrypted.


    This is actually the type of questions you can ask in our help desk, as it relates to the theme directly.

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    Your message was not correct about the file not being encrypted.

    For security reasons the directory containing all the source files of the template (\”SOURCES_XXXXXXXX\”) is in a compressed (zipped) file and password protected.
    To uncompress (unzip) a password protected ZIP file you will need to have a zip file utility program installed and a password. As soon as the zip file begins to uncompress, you will be prompted to type in a password . The password is the Transaction ID number of your order (a long number with letters and digits). You can find this number on the order page which will be provided to you through a link that we sent to you via email. Please help us to preserve the quality and uniqueness of our products by not uploading \”SOURCES_XXXXXXXX\” directories either zipped or unzipped to the server.


    I have created a support ticket as well.  Our client wants to see a content demo, so it’s critical that we get this to install correctly according to the instructions in the overall theme archive.



    the files are not password protected. It is possible that the file was corrupted or not fully downloaded.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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