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    Ok so I’ve been trying to solve this problem by reading through the threads.  I found two threads which appear to be inactive that specifically dealt with the problem that I was having….I tried to post in the thread to continue conversation but my posts were not sticking LOL.  I tried in TWO separate threads so not sure what the issue is with that…I posted a quick 2 sentence comment and that stuck but anything of any size seemed to just post into the ether LOL…So this thread has 2 functions…1) try to get help with the original issue 2) figure out why posts are not sticking in this forum (I’m assuming that this thread sticks LOL)

    So here’s my original issue…I am using the Outreach theme.  I’m trying to add a logo to the header area.  Now on the old forum I read that there was a selector to add the logo like in some of the other themes, but I’ve scoured the admin area and nothing.  So I assumed the next best thing was to add a transparent logo to the header and go from there…but when I do that several things happen 1) I get these awful white spaces on the other side of the header 2) being that outreach is a responsive theme when I re-size the window to see how it responds as I shrink the window it shrinks the logo vs what I’ve seen on other examples where it adjusts what’s in the header and eventually ends up centering the header info and it ends up looking rather nice…I only have some demo / dummy content on my site now so no joke making!  Here’s the link:


    Thanks in advance for any help and to all those that reply!!



    Hi Carlos,

    Were you including links in your longer forum posts? Any posts with more than a few links in often don’t get posted. It’s a spam prevention system.

    To answer your proper question:

    It is easier to make an image responsive than a background image. The way I add logos to headers in Genesis is to add the following to my functions.php file:

    /** Add Logo to Header */

    remove_action( 'genesis_site_title', 'genesis_seo_site_title' );
    function my_add_website_logo() { ?>
    <a href="" title="Home" id="logo">
    <img src="/images/logo.png" alt="Logo" />

    <?php }


    You’ll need to upload your logo.png file to the images folder of your child theme.

    This logo will also be a link back to your homepage which is good for navigation.

    Hope this helps.


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    @carlos 183, I’ll try to address this one:

    2) figure out why posts are not sticking in this forum (I’m assuming that this thread sticks LOL)

    If you let me know which posts you tried to respond to, I can go take a look and see if it was marked as “spam”.

    My recommendation as far as responding to an existing post – if you are looking for an answer yourself, and the existing thread doesn’t answer your question, you are better off starting another thread, because it will then show up as a new question. If you add on to another thread, it won’t show up as a new question, and therefore, may be overlooked.

    I further recommend that if you have seen a thread that doesn’t resolve your issue, but you have tried with a suggestion in another thread, go ahead and include the link to the other thread in your question. That way, whoever is trying to help you will know what you have already tried.

    I hope that helps!

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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