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    Hi there,

    I’ve been a StudioPress member for several years and have several websites using these themes. Unfortunately I see a lot of spam coming through to my email, via comments on the sites, and have been told by friends that I am sending spam email to their email as well!

    I would love to hear how to control spam via plug-ins or other methods so I can clean up all my web properties!! I have Askimet installed on all but ¬†error messages prevent me from signing up for the free plan… Are there any other effective plug-ins?

    Thanks much,

    Lisa Calderone (currently under construction)





    Bill Murray

    1) If you are sending spam from your computer, you are infected by malware. Check out Great group with a solid product. Buy their software, and if you’re infected, post in their forum, and follow their instructions to the letter on how to clean it up. If it means you lose access to your computer for a few days, that’s a price you’ll have to pay.

    1a) Given that your computer is already compromised (since you said you are sending spam), you probably ought to change all of your passwords to everything, including your FTP passwords for your websites. You should avoid FTP and use SFTP or SSH, which are more secure. Don’t assume that any damage from your current infection is limited.

    2) Spam coming to your email is often a sign that your email server isn’t doing a great job of spam blocking. Check with your email provider.

    3) Check the WP repo for other spam plugins. There are many. If you’re facing a lot of spam, show Akismet some love with your money. It will save you a lot of time.

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    Thanks Bill for responding. I’ll look into your suggestions.

    Much appreciated!

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