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    I thought the old way of listing questions and comments by Child Theme was useful for learning new ways to use the same themes as others. Really liked seeing the links showing other sites using the same theme.

    Also, talking widgets on say, Fabric Theme is not necessarily the same as talking widgets on the Associate Theme.

    I always went through general q&a and browsed through themes that weren’t mine, to get more ideas and perspective.

    Maybe if there is a place to encourage people to type in their Theme and if we could then search by Theme. That would at least get those of us who look to others who use the same theme, access to those other Q’s and the A’s that go with them. (Did that sentence make sense?)



    Who used to be Totally Clueless, but now thanks to all the great forums on my Themes, is not nearly so clueless anymore



    Second the motion!

    Theme Specific Forums are a Requirement.

    I am a supporter from way back in the day when I did not even know how to install Word Press and Brian was just starting out selling a magazine theme.

    I learned a lot from the great community we used to have, especially from the Genesis staff, and seeing how they had helped solve a customer’s problem in a specific theme that I owned.

    I am lost and wondering about this ghost town feeling homeless ;o)



    At this time we recommend using the tag feature when posting child theme specific questions.



    I think Tags are nice and I agree with the others, the old theme Q&A for each theme was so very helpful and so much more organized than this new system you have.  I’m all for change if it helps everyone, users and staff.  Please consider create theme specific threads like in the old forums.







    We can certainly appreciate that change is hard. The forums are now, and will continue to be, a community driven place for users to share ideas and solutions. The official support channel is limited to assisting with issues related to using StudioPress themes.  Topics pertaining to customization of StudioPress themes will be referred to the community forums. We are confident that, over time, the new forums will contain even better information than was previously available since we are able to encourage community members to participate in discussions, offer suggestions, and of course ask questions. This system is here to stay and will ultimately bring the best balance for both our users and our staff.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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