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    Gary Jones

    EDIT: Um, wow, I can’t even read the blockquote text; it fades right into the background it’s so light. ;_;

    The #999 on #fbfbfb completely fails WCAG 2.0. Changing the text colour to #555 would allow it to pass AAA at any size text.

    I’d also like a way to see a list of threads I’ve replied to (similar to what we had in vBulletin), without having to manually subscribe to a thread each time.

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    Hi Guys,  here I am tuned to the next episode of the StudioPress Saga … lets hope this will be as good as the ride so far.

    One thing that I increasingly observe in a lot of websites in the last 6 months  is the way they are handled on a “normal” display. Somehow my 1920×1200 screen is containing less and less information, and my scroll button is working overtime. On other sites that have made similar transitions I see a lot of “power users” who spend a great part of  their days behind 1 or more regular displays complaining about the low information density of the ‘modern’ site layouts.

    Would it be feasible to accommodate those users by implementing the possible use of a  custom stylesheet or some other mechanism to make it possible for a user to make his/her own decisions about the amount of info you get presented….

    I realize we do need to be aware of touch and other devices, but we should also still not forget about regular Joe behind his desktop monitor. Its only a few years ago that we were able/required to put a whole website into the whitespace that you see in 2 posts on this forum :-)

    And now I realize I miss the “preview post” before submitting… (you can go to the full screen editing mode, but thats not the same.. and its very easy to incidentally use the back button on you keyboard and loose your whole post)

    Greetz, Henk

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    For me the success of the forum will depend a lot on the search function… Just tested by grabbing a few random words and found that I only get results when it is a word from the title of the post… That is not very promising

    Simplicity is not Simple Webtaurus



    I wonder if Relevanssi can help this.

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    Brian Gardner

    Ok, closing this so that we can handle suggestions on a per thread basis.


    Brian Gardner

    @ Gary and About And_or — can you guys start a new thread here with what you had in this one, so I can delete this one and handle on a per suggestion basis?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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