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    I’ve been messing around with Genesis and the Child Themes for a few years, setting up sites for friends and family. When I’m doing one I get crazy obsessive. You can’t drag me away from the computer and I just disappear in it. I really enjoy it. I’m thinking lately that I’d like to head down the path of doing this for clients.

    I know that I don’t know nearly enough and want to start the process of learning. Can anyone offer resources to learn how to set up a business doing this, information/learning resources about the technical aspects, tools I’ll require and any other tips?

    Thank you!



    Hey RoxG

    im new and i had same question, i found heaps of great info in the tutorials section when you log in

    start where it say getting started, download pdf and read it first, it was helpful to me, also i am finding helpful is reading other questions posted by users, as they have great and relevant answers, from the experts here

    david :)



    Thanks David, I’ll have a look! What are some of the search terms you used for the forum? I find most of what I”ve come across have been specific to someone situation/job.


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    Hello, I am setting up a Genesis site for a client with the Daily Dish child theme. After I help her with the setup, she will take control of the site and do weekly, if not daily updates. I am assuming that she should purchase the theme, so that her contact info/credit card is on the account, but how should we do it if I need to work to set the site up? Can she send me the link to the theme once its purchased, download it on my machine and work on it from there, or should it be done from her computer? Kind of a novice here, as you can tell advice would be appreciated.

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