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    I’m using the OLD Agency theme.

    At the top of my blog page I want to put a few paragraphs of static info… you know like… “Welcome to the blog page. We hope you will enter stuff, but please be friendly” yada, yada.

    If you put it in the content box via the editor on the blog page, nothing shows up.

    Is there a way to get some static text at the top of the blog page? Or do I have to use code?



    Sridhar Katakam


    Using Agency 2.0…. not the new “pro” that came out a few weeks ago.

    I Googled all over and found some code from own own and very valued Gen guru, Brad Dalton that works… but thought there would be an easier way.

    genesis_register_sidebar( array(
        ‘id’        => ‘text-before-blog’,
        ‘name’      => ‘Text Before Blog’,
        ‘description’   => ‘This is the widget for displaying text before blog posts.’,
    ) );
    add_action(‘genesis_before_content’, ‘apparition_text_before_blog’ );
    function apparition_text_before_blog() {
        if( is_page(333) ) {
            echo ‘<div class="text-before-blog">';
                dynamic_sidebar( ‘text-before-blog’ );
            echo ‘</div>';
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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