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    Right off the bat let me say I’m thrilled with and the re-tooling of the forum as a community.  I’ve read a few posts which mourn the loss of the old forum, but I agree that this concept is better for everyone in the long run.  Hey, it forces all of us to raise our game and attempt to answer each others questions.  How can that be bad?

    Okay, here’s my suggestion: I see there’s a sticky post in every category for “How to find your theme’s instructions“.  Why not have another sticky post in every category about “how to tag your post for the common good”.  If we do this right, we’ll be able to search the community forum with much better results and overall satisfaction.  For those who wanted theme-specific categories, proper tagging is the answer.


    Gary Jones

    Tags are free form, and as such, going to be fairly useless in a forum like this. I can guarantee, for instance, that your tagging of “Studiopress rocks” is not something that’s going to be used as a search term to solve someone’s problem. Someone people won’t read the sticky you suggest (most don’t read the forum rules that say about including their site URL in a help request!), some will but might forget, apathy sets in, or they try but do it wrong.

    Since the list of themes is an enumerated list then an optional dropdown containing a list of all themes when creating a new thread would be more beneficial.

    Equally a list of other topic areas (Nav, scripts, plugin compatibility, design customization, and so on) would be a different fixed list taxonomy to which threads could be assigned, without the need to have posts moved to different forums.

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    GaryJ – good thoughts.  I’m all for the most expedient way to organize posts so they can be found again.  This will make the community forum more valuable.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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