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    I think I’m getting closer to figuring out what’s going on with the stray post info data that shows up on default and custom archives, but I still have no explanation for it, nor apparently any one single place to inquire about it.

    There’s something weird going on with page titles for archives for custom post types, and it seems like it’s only happening with custom post types.

    For some reason, the individual post titles will show up before entry content, before the actual listings of the posts. I’ve been able to duplicate this using a child theme from Zig Zag, from Appfinite, and it even happens on the Genesis sample child theme. It does seem to be limited to custom post types, that I can confirm, but it doesn’t seem to happen with custom post types defined by the theme… I haven’t been able to duplicate the behavior (yet) with the portfolio post type included with Zig Zag’s Prestige, nor with recent tests with Executive Pro.

    The stray data only seems to come into play with custom post types defined by other plugins (in my case, MarketPress and Directory by WPMU, and Custom Post Types UI from the repository). It seems to only happen on the first page whenever multiple pages are involved, and there’s an equivalent bit of weirdness that happens with post info on those pages and items. Sometimes Simple Edits helps, sometimes it makes the problem worse… haven’t quite got that behavior nailed down yet, though.

    I don’t want to submit a ticket to SP until I can prove it’s a Genesis bug, because I think at this point they’ll only tell me again that it’s a theme problem I have to solve on my own, but at this point, I definitely need the help of a stronger PHP coder than I happen to be.

    I do know for a fact that this behavior does not happen with Genesis 1.9.2, and does happen with Genesis 2.0 in both xhtml and html5 mode. That makes me think this has something to do with the auto-generated archives that Genesis 2.0 now creates, but I can’t be sure, since I haven’t yet found a way to disable that feature in Genesis 2.0 to test with and without it.

    I don’t have a test site set up with this scenario anymore, and I was polishing a new site using Adapt when the problem popped up again and made another puzzle piece click into place in my head… but I can set one up if someone wants to go digging.

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    Did you ever get this resolved, Summer? I see it’s an old post but just thought I’d check.

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    Nope. :)

    It’s also more than page titles… it’s how the post titles are managed in custom post type archives.

    I had a chat with Gary Jones about it in email, and he said that the problem was that the Prestige theme had bad markup, that there were redundant empty elements that were semantically incorrect, and that the ZigZag people needed to fix it.

    Problem is, ALL of the Studio Press themes do the exact same thing, as do all of the HTML5 Genesis child themes I am able to test out (from Appfinite & ZigZag, but haven’t tried any of the new HTML5 themes from Themedy yet). The common denominator is Genesis, yet SP support says it’s not a Genesis issue.

    This isn’t new… something similar was happening in Genesis 1.9 with custom post types not created by the Genesis themes, and I was able to manage the behavior with Simple Edits. That workaround doesn’t completely work with Genesis 2.0 because that info is slammed into the auto-generated custom post type archives that G2.0 introduced.

    So that stray data is displayed in Genesis themes, and it’s not there when I switch to other WP themes, or even other HTML5 themes. I was also able once to duplicate the stray data with one or two other plugins that manage/create custom post types, but I haven’t been back to test any of those with WP 3.7.1… not even sure I remember which other CPT plugins were also doing it.

    Yet I was told more than once that this isn’t a Genesis problem, and WPMU says that it’s not coming from their stuff, and I was starting to think they may be right, because two of their plugins generate that stray data, but another one dealing with custom post types doesn’t.

    The entire situation is completely weird, a bit beyond my coding skills, and no one else seems to care that it is happening, nor seems to be interested in looking into it, so that’s where I’m stuck :)

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