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    Toon Verlinden

    I’m working with the streamline theme and genesis framework on my website and have a design/color question.

    The color of the text in the main headermenu is black.
    Unfortunately, the color of the dropdown menu-items is also black (you can see the dropdown menu under ‘workshops’), this makes the text very hard/impossible to read.

    I tried to change the color in style.css, but when I changed the color, the color of both the header items and the dropdown items changed. Is there a way to control the color of both menu independently from each other?

    Any help is much appreciated;

    Header menu and dropdown menu


    Hey Toon

    I have also been looking for a way to change colour . I found this link:

    You have to scroll down to the middle of the text to find the information on how to changing the colour of the Hyperlinks in sidebar and body copy of your Genesis themes.

    I am working with the same theme, and I want to change the colour of my menubar to the same as my background like you, Where did you do that?




    By the way – I am working on this page:




    @thom, to change background of your nav, add this to your css #nav .wrap { background: blue; }

    @Toon Verlinden, can you add a submenu so I can find where to change the color for you?


    Toon Verlinden

    @Thomas: thank you for your input. I will dig deeper in this article. It looks interesting.

    And Asterbird, thank you for answering Thomas’ question. Sorry that I didn’t reply to the question myself! I tried to find where I changed the CSS but couldn’t find it back and told myself that I would take a deeper look ‘later on’ (yay procrastination). I really should start writing down the things I change in my style.css .

    I added the submenus again on can find the submenus when you hover over the ‘workshops’-title in the main menu. You can’t read the black letters on the brown background and I try to change that. Any help is appreciated.



    On line 318 style.css you have an active .menu-primary color property set with !important.

    .menu-primary a, #header .menu-primary a {
    color: #000 !important;
    display: block;
    padding: 25px 20px;
    position: relative;
    text-decoration: none;

    This is overriding your other color styling. Remove [color: #000 !important;] and continue styling.

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    Toon Verlinden

    Hi Jeremy. This worked perfect for me. Thank you for the tip, Wouldn’t have found it myself!

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