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    I would like to amend the home featured area of the Streamline theme. I have three questions which may actually be two! I have done part of the customisation making the area smaller and aligning the text. I have amended the theme so it has front-page.php instead of home.php (only changed name nothing else) as per Nick, to make it a static front page – this worked fantastically, however I now have some issues in the detail of the design.

    Firstly I wonder if the images shown could be made larger? To do this I think I would need to register a new feature image size in the php? Is there anything else I’d need?
    Secondly the title is too far away from the image so I want to make this closer, I’ve tried all kinds of adjustments to the CSS but can’t get it to do what I want. Can you tell me which part of the CSS I need to change and if I need to add something in?

    My third question is in regards to the read more button. Why does it come half way up the feature widget area? How do I get it to go to the bottom of the box?

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    Please post a link to your site so we can take a look. Thank you.



    Oh, looks like I never added my site then! It’s


    Bill Murray

    1) You’re right about registering a new image size. See your child theme’s functions.php. Keep in mind that whenever you register a new size, you have to regenerate thumbnails for that size. WP generates those thumbnails on upload, so if you change sizes, the new size doesn’t exist for old images. I recommend AJAX Thumbail Rebuild for this.

    2) For styling, remove the height: 300px; on the ID #home-featured near line 541 of your child theme stylesheet. Yes, that will push things down, but it will give you a better sense of how to adjust the space.

    3) Next, in part because of #2 above, adjust the padding on some elements as below. This will address your gap between title & image.

    #home-featured .post, #home-featured .page {
    padding: 0 30px 0 30px;

    4) If the bottom padding for this area is still too much for your taste, adjust the padding for .home-featured-1 (near line 557) through -3 as below.

    padding: 30px 30px 0;

    5) For your third question, my #2 should alter that, but after you make some of these changes, post back and someone can take another look.

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