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    First of all let me say, thank You for someone finally designing a child theme like this for Genesis Framework! I have had several clients ask for a design like this but because of my unwillingness (and ability) to use some other themes, I was forced to find other solutions. But know I have another awesome theme to offer clients.

    Hopefully the designer of the theme will read this,..
    I know this theme was originally designed to be a “deceptively simple design”,.. But it’s certainly NOT “most flexible theme”.

    I think it could be even better adding some additional flexibility/functionality

    1) Custom header option just like many other Genesis themes.
    2) Control over what content displays on the home page. Maybe this could be a widget area?
    3) Ability to turn off/on the GIANT big nav arrows.

    I’d do it myself, but have no idea how.

    Thank You Copyblogger/StudioPress!

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 11 months ago by  nickthegeek.


    Steve, you should add your website link so people can see your site.



    It’s not live yet. (Multi-Site install, domain not mapped yet.)


    Bill Murray

    @Steve – Stretch is a very basic blog theme.  For the added flexibility you asked about…

    1) I posted the code to add custom header support in your other thread,  You said you tried that and it didn’t work for you, but it’s pretty easy to do and works just fine, as you can see on our demo site:  One of the mobile responsive layouts needs a bit more work, but supporting custom headers is fairly easy.

    2) It would be nice to be able to control which category displayed, but I think more customization (such as displaying more posts) would make the end result not very Stretch-like.

    3) StudioPress tends not to offer that kind of ability as a theme option, leaving it to the developer to change it.  I suspect the thinking is that options add overhead, and if you don’t like the Stretch approach, maybe another theme is a better fit.  All Stretch does is reposition the navigation using CSS and change what is displayed with a filter.

    Web: or Twitter: @wpperform

    We do managed WordPress hosting.



    @Bill Murray, thanks for the reply. Yes, through the help of this community forum I was able to get it working the way the client asked, except for control over what content shows on the home page.

    1) I tried the /** Add support for custom header */ code and it didn’t work for me. Although ultimately that would’ve been a much better solution.
    2) Don’t want to display more posts, just control WHAT displays. Maybe something like Genesis Featured Widget Amplified plug in. I was able to limit the amount of posts that display on just the home page through the use of the Genesis Grid plug in.3) Ok, well then I’ll put it it a completely different way: I’d like to have the stretch background image ability on any theme that supports a background image. But I suspect that’s a conversation I would have with a developer. ;-)
    Header/logo Solution was eventually achieved here

    Home page Content (partial solution) achieved here

    Hope the links above help anyone else out that may have the need.
    Thanks for all the input & help.




    I moved this to the General forum because it isn’t really about getting feedback on your site. The Showcase and feedback forum is so you can showcase your work and get feedback on that work.



    Ok, thx Nick. But I WAS giving feedback on the theme,.. ;-) It’s probably in a better place now for others to find.

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