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    Very nice site.

    Your homepage is too busy/cluttered for our taste and ‘philosophy’ of composition, but everyone has different (not necessarily better!) ideas on how a homepage should look or be structured. “Horses for courses,” as the British like to say.

    You are loading a 1.3 MB .jpg for the background, of which you only see the margins. You also load a 1 MB .png file for main homepage graphic. No wonder the site is so slow to load before it is cached!

    There is a much better way to accomplish much the same background effect using a small file about as wide of your margin and a “background: repeat” attribute. (We’re not a big fan of photographic background margins… we find them visually distracting most of the time, but again, it’s all very subjective.)

    You or your graphic designer might want to review the difference between the .jpg and .png file formats (actually .jpg is not a format, but a compression formula) and when to use one or the other…. to create the .jpg images at 72 dpi which will yield a smaller footprint for the site.

    You might want to experiment with using gradients via CSS for backgrounds. This will help:

    My partner (who owns is the gran fromage of graphics and composition in our design house. I know the technology… and little else about “art and color” so it would probably be wise to ignore most of what I’ve said above! :-)

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    Okay, I may have fibbed. I just took a look at what Elegant Themes has for the first time in months, maybe since last fall, and I noticed TheStyle and TheSource… both magazine type layout styles I’ve been looking for after starting to fall in love with The Nerdist’s grid layout.

    Now I’m gonna have to play with them, and I’m blaming all of you for enabling my addiction to WordPress themes :)

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Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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