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    No posts in two months?


    Davinder Singh Kainth
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    Yes true, expecting few cool themes by end of this month – hopefully!

    Need website customization services or other Genesis / WordPress help ?
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    Any rumors if this is true or not?

    I thought they was going to have 1 theme a month out or at least announce a 3rd party Child theme that they endorse. Perhaps a bigger project is coming for the lack of blog posts on the official blog.


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    Can’t wait to see a new blog post, too! Hopefully we’ll see the social plugin released soon… Alanna ;-)


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    Does anyone has news about the lives of Genesis Framework?
    There are no updates, no new posts in the Blog.


    Marc Tibesar
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    Its seems Brian Gardner wants to blog more about himself these days than his company StudioPress.

    StudioPress is now using their blog to just announce new theme updates.

    Recommend Brian and StudioPress revitalize their blog and give us the inside scoop on the company and its products.

    Seems that StudioPress has abandoned its customers.

    It’s almost as if StudioPress is waiting for someone to buy them up…. Sad….


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    The blog is about company news and themes they release.

    Why would they add new categories?


    Andrea Rennick
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    It’s almost as if StudioPress is waiting for someone to buy them up…. Sad….

    Studiopress is already merged with Copyblogger Media.
    Also Genesis updates are forthcoming. Nathan explained why there weren’t any for so long.

    They simply were not needed.

    There’s nothing to see here folks.

    Studiopress is more than just Brian these days. He’s free to write whatever he wishes on his own personal blog.

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    There’s nothing to see here folks.

    these aren’t the droids you’re looking for … move along

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