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    I wanted to post my experience with the new studiopress support and see what others have experienced.  I don’t mean this to be negative, it is simply my experience.


    I had a problem with a theme and needed some help.  I submitted a ticket.  About an hour and a half+ later I got a response that was sort of helpful, but didn’t really solve my issue.  I replied to it immediately and got no response for the next 24 hours. (still no response)


    My typical experience.  Post in the theme topic I have an issues with, get a response within 20 minutes, go back and forth in the forum a few times, get a solution.  Problem solved in 45 min top.  Excellent.


    So for me the new system isn”t working very well.  What used to take an hour is now days.  It stops my development of the theme and basically means I have to work on something else until I get a response – then wait again.

    When I saw studiopress was moving to one-on-one response,  I was excited.  I thought this was going to be a chat window or something where you get live premium support.  Something where I could get my issues solved quickly.  I didn’t think it was a ticket system that has a 24-48 hour turn around.

    What have others experienced?






    sorry you did not find the service satisfactory. We do like to take the occasional day off and in this is Andrea’s day off. We cover each others tickets in these cases but often leave customization issues as they are not generally covered in help desk. I reviewed the ticket and Andrea did help you with customization providing the steps required in her initial response. When I viewed your site it looked correct but I have responded to the ticket to see if we missed something.



    Hi Nick,

    I just got your support email and replied and it came back as undeliverable.

    Again, I really like studiopress, so I don’t want to sound ungrateful for the help because I really do need and appreciate  it, but it seems like this new system isn’t really working very well.

    I started this thread to get opinions from others and nobody has replied, so maybe it is working well for them.





    double check that the email address on your reply is correct and wasn’t somehow edited. The previous reply came through fine.



    Patience is a virtue.  I like it.



    @netviper & Studiopress – I actually had absolutely NO problem with the previous support and don’t have any idea why you changed. It was the BEST I’ve experienced. I must add to netviper and say, I’m not fond of the new way either. But with that being said, based on the fact nobody else has repelled here, I have no idea if you’ve gotten feedback form any other users,.. I guess it must be working.

    I’m sure Studiopress/Copyblogger had their reasons. So, I’ll do my best to my this work.



    I’ll chime in here to say that just because no one has responded doesn’t mean that “it works for them.” Since the new forum I’ve actually noticed a tremendous drop down in activity to the forum. If you look at each of the discussion headings, some of the responses have not been replied to in days which means people are not coming to this forum as they did the old one. At any given time of the night I could log in to the old forum and there would be a ton of people on there. You could see the activity by time and date and there was much more interaction on there. Now, with the new forum – we.. meaning customers… have to help each other out more because Studiopress wants more “technical issues” submitted via their new Ticket System. I have to say, I “hate” this new forum, but I am forced to post here if I have trouble or I stop through here casually like I just did.. to see if I might be able to provide assistance to someone else. So.. again, just because no one responded… doesn’t mean they’re satisfied, that just means they haven’t shown up here yet to make a comment.



    Years ago, I was working at a company, and wanted to relocate to another city (my family had moved away from where I was living). I was granted a relocation to the new city, and I loved the new city, but I hated the work. It was with the same company, it was just a different department, and didn’t feel right. I expressed my concerns to my family on the first day on the new job, and was told to “give it a month.”

    I read this thread when it was first published, and didn’t respond, because I wanted to “give it (the new forum) a month”. I am going to reserve judgement until the forum has been around a month, so if this thread is still around on the 19th, I will come back and provide my opinion.

    In the meantime, I will say that all those years ago, when I didn’t like the job – I gave it a month, like it was suggested. At the end of the month,I disliked the job as much as I did on the first day, and found a new job (at a start up company, where I thrived!).

    I’ll be back ;)

    Susan @ One Happy Studio I offer theme customizations I tweet!
    I’ve taken up the challenge! – help me answer some of the unanswered posts



    I have to say that I don’t come to the new forum as much as the old one.  Like Susan, I haven’t said anything because I was giving it a chance, but admit that I can’t see me getting to like it as much as the old forum.

    I loved the fact that I could see other people’s problems/advice/tips – it gave me ideas as well as helped solve some of my problems without having to ask anybody.

    I loved the fact that I could see all my posts at a glance, so I could revisit a question I had to remind me of how to do something.


    Shawn Teo

    i prefer the old forum as well.. now i got a question, i do not know where to start posting too.. some of the posting i put in new forum seems to be remove, probably posted on wrong categories.. but with that limited categories in the new forum, where can we post to?

    on top of that, most of the question / answer is available in that old forum. Question / answer is also more responsive at old forum



    First time back in a while, wow this is just dreadful. The old way was the gold standard, nothing compared. This new way seems to have NONE of the advantages of the old. I used to just surf the old forum for my particular problem and usually found it without having to bother the admins. When I DID have a problem it was always resolved well. This new setup is distasteful and off putting – it’s just not user friendly.

    No doubt this ‘feature enhancement’ was done to save money…it sure couldn’t be because the users didn’t like the system the way it was. Ah well back to Joomla. So sad.



    Well, DanFromOhio – I am in Ohio. You don’t have to go back to Joomla, just use LinkedIn. I actually started a Studiopress Group over there just in case folks are on there and want to ask questions too. Join some of the WordPress Groups too. I belong to about 4 or 5 of them. But PLEASE.. don’t go back to Joomla, that’s like shooting yourself in the foot! :o)



    I used this ticket system once already and very happy with the 1 on 1 support. who ever was my helper had a ton of patience with them and they should get a raise for that. lol

    Remember folks, people do have days off work 1 or 2 times a week.



    Wow! Glad to see some chiming in and I’m sure we’re not the only ones.

    Like babres, I too “loved the fact that I could see other people’s problems/advice/tips – it gave me ideas as well as helped solve some of my problems without having to ask anybody.

    I loved the fact that I could see all my posts at a glance, so I could revisit a question I had to remind me of how to do something.”

    I would revisit my previous post whenever I may have forgotten how to do something etc.

    Copyblogger/Studiopress – I realize your business is not ran by it’s customers, but why not just put up a simple voting survey?



    Anitac –

    That’s great news about the LinkedIn group – what is the name?  I’ve actually been really hoping that a LinkedIn group would grow out of this support change!

    As for these forums, I can see some things that I like better and I do think the split to deal with those things like “I can’t download my child theme” in a different way was probably necessary/smart.  However, the old forums obviously got a got more attention for customization issues and I’m going to miss that a lot!

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