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    I have a media site  and I am planning to have another related site that would focus particularly  on entertainment, like featuring wedding anniversary, birthdays etc…..

    And I would like to know if I should create a subdomain or a subdirectory for the new site?

    I would appreciate your advice




    more of an SEO question but this is a good watch:



    As a WordPress novice, I could never figure out how to set up the subdomain thing under one WP installation – it’s probably very simple but was non-obvious. So, besides the SEO question, you’ll need to figure out what the content is going to be and how the two sites are (inter)related, and how/who will manage them. We ended up just creating a dedicated WP page to house related-but-separate content on our site, including its own template, and a specific menu being displayed only on that page. The resulting URL looks like a subdirectory based on how we’ve got our permalinks set up ( and it’s allowing us to manage it just like the rest of the site. If you want the sub-site to have its own look-and-feel from the main site, it may be more challenging to pull off. If it’s a child to the parent site, it’s probably easier.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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