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    I could be missing something but…

    Since the Genesis Slider only has one settings page I think it would be a good idea to define the classes that are placed into the Head a little better. Folks that want a second slider have to use another plugin like Woo or Nivo. The Genesis Slider class that’s written into the head tag is .slide-excerpt which is the same class used by Woo. I’ve had to edit the core files to get rid of these to avoid conflicts a couple times now.  All you’d have to do is make it #genesis-slider #slides .slide-excerpt  instead of just .slide-excerpt.

    plugin.php, lines 128-130




    Hi Chip,

    This isn’t a bad suggestion but when I choose to use a different slider plugin, I tend to for all my sliders and therefore get rid of Genesis Slider all together. I find it’s better for clients and users to manage all the sliders through one plugin and interface. It also means you’ve only got to load one set of scripts rather than loading two sets of slider scripts which would slow the page load down.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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