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    Anand Kumar

    When we land on a theme page it has a badge “Returning customer discount”. It means you know I am a returning customer. :)

    But why don’t you know I have already purchased that theme. So, instead of buying buttons there should be “Download Now” button. I know there is a place from where i can download but it will be better for us.

    It’s just a suggestion.

    [PS: Also I am missing product forums. Please add forum on purchased based access.]


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    Thanks for the recommendation, I”ll pass it along.



    Yes – a Download Now button would be great.

    I purchased the PRO PACKAGE but I can not find how to download the new theme STRETCH. In fact I can’t find the download themes page at all. Only the themes I’ve purchased from the Community.

    This new forum is very frustrating!!



    The downloads should all be in your my.studiopress.com account. Nothing is in the forum. If the downloads are not all there please use this form to request assistance.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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