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    Can I get some suggestions for the best Genesis child theme to use for my site? I have my hands in a lot of pies, business-wise, so it doesn’t make much sense for a theme that is tailored for a certain kind of business. My other sites include:

    An indie record company
    A tutorial and resource site on home audio recording (my own video courses, e-books, and affiliate products)
    A consulting/training site for business process improvement – Lean/Six Sigma stuff.
    A voice-over site – I provide male and female voice-overs for a variety of projects.

    So my site, which is not a personal “here-is-my-opinion-about-things” site, but more a “my new album just came out and here is what it’s about” followed potentially by “here is what’s new and exciting in the world of audio recording,” etc.

    Right now I am still using a Thesis site with a header that has my picture on it with a guitar and a microphone. But I’ve gotten so used to using Genesis for my other sites, that it feels like going back in time (and effectiveness) when I post things to the site.

    I’d be grateful for any guidance.




    Hi Ken, I recently used a Genesis Child Theme from Web Savvy called Dagmar for a client. The site isn’t LIVE yet, but take a look at this. It doesn’t showcase all of your blogs on the home page but it does showcase your music. Web Savvy has an excellent area for set up in their Forums or you may see another theme on their website that you like better, but the music component is already in this one.



    Ken, take a look at the features in the Beautiful Pro theme. I’m setting up a personal site for a writer and found this theme to be a perfect fit.



    Thanks Anita and TDogger! I’ll check out Beautiful Pro. Anita, I looked closely at Dagmar and it just seems too much about the band stuff and selling merch and having a gallery and all that. It does look fantastic for that, but I just have too many other projects that someone might look me up for.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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