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    I am looking for a multi-lingual translation plugin for a small business client. If the client doesn’t want to go the multi-site route, what plugin would be the next best thing? I have gotten recommendations for WPML and Ajax Translator Revolution.

    Has anyone had experience using SurStudio’s Ajax Translattor Revolution WordPress Plugin or the Ajax Translator Revolution DropDown WordPress Plugin on Genesis?




    David Decker

    I don’t own these plugins and therefore have no experience with them on Genesis powered sites. From the demo and description I would not recommend them for the multilingual setup because all works with Javascript on the frontend and you don’t seem to have URLs for different languages. It also seems to work more automatically as it pulls translations from external services like “Google Translate” or Bing. In the end this could be useful for single sites to offer a translation alternative but for REAL multilingual sites I would only use a Multisite setup which is the currently best option overall. WPML might be a great option for small sites and less languages, mostly 2-3, but it adds overhead and seems to lock user in regarding your site experience in the long end.

    Also have look at this thread here for more discussion on this topic:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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