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    Hi all,

    After waiting for a decent One-Page theme for Genesis, I was very anxious to get my hands on Parallax Pro.
    I just installed it, but wat is happening?
    I used to have my site powered by the Executive Pro theme, including a decent Portfolio section.
    But after installing Parallax Pro, my portfolio doesn’t show up anymore. Not at the front-end (only as a slider in Home Section 1), and (this bothers me more) not in the WordPress Dashboard: my Portfolio is gone!!!
    And when I click on one of the slider items I get an error 404…
    And somehow the Primary Sidebar Widget shows up on the homepage (a widget from Executive Pro?!) How can I get rid of that one?
    I’m not a seasoned Genesis developer, but I can recall I altered some PHP files or so to get my Portfolio shown up in WordPress Dashboard.
    Why is it now gone?! How can I get it back in my WordPress Dashboard? And how do I show it on my one-pager?

    p.s.: Fortunately I installed the Parallax Pro theme on my test-environment, so no harm is done with the live site. But this also means that you can’t see what’s going on … sorry …




    With regards to the Portfolio, I can relate. I just switched one of my sites over from Minimum Pro to Centric Pro. Minimum Pro has the portfolio feature, Centric Pro does not. Since I had my portfolio set up on the site using that feature I new I’d have to add a portfolio feature to Centric Pro before I made the change.

    Here’s an article that kind of walks you through it. You’ll probably need to do some CSS tweaking but it’s a pretty easy way to save your port.





    Thanks, I’ll look into that.



    Any luck on this? I did the same switch. I was able to get the portfolio from executive to show in parallax, but not able to get the portfolio to go fully responsive yet. If not, I can help as far as I’ve gotten. If so, any pointers on my portfolio would be great!



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