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    I saw a similar post but I don’t think it quite answered by question; so not trying to be redundant…

    I have a current site that is just used for blogging. It is NOT using Genesis, but I wold like to change themes so that it WILL be using the Genesis framework and probably Minimum Pro child theme.

    Do I change themes to Genesis framework just like changing to another theme; by uploading Genesis through the back end of Genesis and then upload my Child theme and then activate the theme?

    (I already know about checking the compatibility of widgets, backing up the site, etc,)

    I just didn’t know if it was like activating any other theme when you move from a nonGenesis theme (with old and present content – that I don’t want to loose) to a Genesis theme if it works the same way or will I loose all of my content?

    Will my links stay all in tact?


    I assume you are using WordPress and non-genesis WordPress theme as of now.

    If yes, then to switch over to Genesis – just upload 2 themes (Genesis framework theme and minimum child theme) either via ftp method or uploading directly from themes section of WordPress dashboard. Then activate minimum theme to complete switch over.

    This process is just like moving to new theme system – all your current content, links, images will remain intact – no issue.



    Yes, the current site is a WordPress site…it has the 2010 theme NEEDS updated!

    Is there any way to like ‘do’ it and then preview it to see how it’s looking before letting it be ‘live’ ?

    So this won’t really affect the data base? I can switch back if there’s a problem?

    Should I drag all of my widgets into the ‘inactive’ area before doing this?

    THANK YOU!!!


    1. You can preview it before making it active.
    2. No, theme change does not affect database contents and you can switch back to old theme anytime.
    2. Only thing that can be problem is contents in widget area. Yes, dragging to inactive area is a good option. For extra backup. I make text file with content and description of each widget – so that I can re-build quickly if something goes bad.

    Best of luck!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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