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    I’m not sure if this is the place to post this but I’m at a loss for help.
    I have a multi-author website (Genesis: Metro) with a Bio box for each.
    Every Author is a User within WordPress and their bio is written there.

    The issue is that the target=”_blank” is stripped from Bio box every time I save it.
    My Authors links MUST open up in a new window.



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    Not sure if this is relevant, but wasn’t there something about that target attribute being deprecated in HTML 4.01, but brought back for HTML 5?

    That said, this appears to be a WordPress thing. I just tried adding the target=”_blank” to a link in the User Bio field on 2 Genesis sites and on 2 non-Genesis sites, and it did the same thing on all of them, stripped out the target attribute.


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    The target =”_blank” is also stripped out on this forum when you add link. The check-box is there, but it has no effect.


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    Did you find a solution for this? Please post if so, thanks.

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