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    I read somewhere (so many places!) that Prose doesn’t have the option for adding a widget in the content area. I tried the plugin Genesis Prose Extras but couldn’t get that feature to work > I would like to add a text box before the content/posts – a “sticky” box for an intro to the site – a brief “about me” box (as opposed to having it in the sidebar). Do you think the fact that I added too much code, or incorrectly, to my custom.css that it’s preventing plugin to work properly?
    This is the site I’m referring to. But I would like to do it to another site that will have the blog posts on the home page, not a static home page.

    Looked at Brian’s “content color boxes” – would that work? or is that just for featured posts?

    I don’t suppose updating to v.2.0.1 would change anything regarding that? I’ve read a lot about the update, but it’s confusing to me at this point. Most of it is confusing to me! Ugh, such a newbie!

    I hope this question makes sense…
    Any advice/suggestions?

    Thanks so much,



    The Genesis Prose Extras plugin is the best solution. I have tested this plugin and it offers the easiest way to add home page widgets.

    Otherwise you can code them.




    Thanks Brad! I’ll give the plugin a try again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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