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    I am using the metric theme and although I have checked the “automatically add paragraphs” box in the test widget its not working. The issue seems to be restricted to just the footer widgets I have. Am I wrong in thinking that the paragraph formatting if checked should work on any text widget ?

    Using the latest wordpress, studiopress 1.9.2

    Looking for another set of eyes to check it out
    heres the URL


    thanks to anyone that takes the time to respond

    Scott V



    It’s not going to add the paragraph tag in there, you have to manually do that. If you want to separate the paragraphs with a space you need to put in the breaks.



    Thanks Anitac- works with your suggestion.
    Silly me I was assuming it would function like the other text widgets on the theme ( Home middle, etc ) where one did not have to manually put the html tags in.
    Unless I’m missing something here seems somewhat worthless and confusing to the user, to have the checkbox on the footer widgets for paragraphing, or to make the footer widget box behave differently than the others on the theme.

    Fortunately not a big deal to fix, but yet another example of something that just doesn’t seem like it was done correctly in the first place.

    All set now , thanks again for the Help

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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