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    I am using latest version of wordpress and Decor theme and added some widget areas to my home page.  In those areas along with the footer area, I used text widgets to add information.  Everything worked fine!

    Then today, I went to edit one of the text widgets in the footer and POOF! … all of the text widgets that were on my home page are now gone!

    BUT….They still show up in the admin panel, they just will not display!  Nothing about those disappearing widgets shows up in Firebug either.

    It’s like they are there in the admin panel, but do not work at all.  I can add new text widgets with the same info … and I did do that, so that things would show up again.  But then, when I went to add another text widget, it AGAIN wiped out all of the ones that were previously showing.

    Anyone ever run across this problem?  It is so strange!  (If you are looking at the home page, under the slider, I used to have a text widget, there were text widgets also in Footer 1, Footer 2, and one more above the Featured page widget in the sidebar area of home page.)



    I’m seeing widgets in each of your footers, and below the slider, so it looks like you may have resolved your issue. If not, please report back here so I can investigate further.

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    Hi Susan,

    Yes, I got them back. I *think* it might have been a non-closed tag that wiped them all out. I have since checked the code for accuracy and now my text widgets seem to be staying put, even when editing them — which was previously the problem.  So, yes, this can be closed.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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