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    This isn’t a complaint, just my sad observation.

    I’ve just downloaded the latest sample child theme and am so confused by the new layout of the .css file!   I am sure that there are people that prefer it, but I find it very confusing and time consuming.

    I much prefer the layout to be by divs not by colours, font-families, etc.   This is because  I work by each div at a time, but now when working on the body, instead of having it all under one body, I have to go to all the different sections. :(

    At the moment, trying to find all the relevant bits is a nightmare for me, especially as I suffer from discognitive disorder – arrggghhh!

    Sorry, just had to let out a bit of frustration :)



    It’s more concise. Which I like.

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    Thanks John.

    Can I ask you how you tend to work then?   Do you just decide to work on, say, all the font sizes first instead of working on each div at a time; so in other words, simply work through the style sheet?

    I did honestly try to work with it yesterday, but admit to falling back to an old style sheet.  However, I do like to try and keep up with the latest things.  It’s just that as far as I can see it means changing the way I work, which is VERY difficult for me due to my disability.

    I’m redoing my site at the mo so it’s a good time to consider trying to change!



    I have a similar problem with the new Child theme CSS. It forced a change in how I work, which is both disconcerting and tedious, not to mention time consuming while trying to figure out both why and how style.css works, and how it can be adapted to sites.

    That said, I’m not complaining.

    The nature of a life in technology is change, often in fits and starts, but always changing, so it’s best to learn how to adapt to changes quickly and efficiently. Once we get locked into a groove we become comfortable, so change, when it comes, isn’t always welcome. It can make us uncomfortable. A friend once told me that, ‘Nothing improves without change.’

    So true.



    Hey Ronny, glad to hear I’m not the only one that’s been struggling (phew!)   I’m not against changes that are necessary in order to move forward, I just don’t feel that reordering the .css was absolutely necessary.

    Unfortunately, due to my disabilities, changes are NOT welcome for me and major changes is more than an uphill struggle.

    I have still not got my head around how to change the way I work due to these changes, and not sure that I will be able to :(



    oh, just to show you how bad I am with changes; I arrived directly at this page from an email, it then took me about 5 minutes to find out that I have to go to the forum’s home page in order to log-in!  LOL!



    Learning disabilities seem to be everywhere. Since childhood I’ve had an inability to remember strings of words and numbers. I cannot remember seven digit phone numbers. Algebraic and geometric equations? Won’t happen. Login IDs? Nope. Passwords? Uh uh.

    So, how do I overcome the affliction and still work in the technology world?


    I’m a good speller and the King of Snippets.



    I’m going to jump in here and say I also can’t stand the new style sheet – it feels disorganized. As you guys have already noted, change is the nature of things, and I’m slowly but surely getting used to it, but it definitely takes me longer. I also feel it’s getting more bogged down with things I have to go strip off – like transitions on hyperlinks. I think that falls into the category of “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

    All that being said, I still love Genesis, and the community support is second to none, which makes it worth learning to deal with the changes.



    Agreed. The new Child theme stylesheet is a big disappointment. It might be lean and mean and all that, but it’s much more cumbersome to customize, and I’ve been digging into it for awhile now.

    What might be nice is to hear from someone at StudioPress as to why it the new stylesheet is designed the way it is, what the benefits are to using it as a basis for a custom Child theme (seems to me as that would be its purpose), and perhaps a few pointers on how it can be used to create a custom theme.

    I’m open to change, and don’t mind learning old dog tricks, but an official word would be beneficial.


    Sasha Foust

    Can I ask why it’s redesigned this way? I’d love a reason or two.




    I’ll join the spirit of this conversation and say that I’m not a fan of the new sample child theme’s style sheet either.  As SelenaD mentions above, there are many things that I find myself stripping out.  Besides, isn’t redeclaring CSS selectors over and over for different single styling factors fly in the face of CSS itself, where using shorthand and economizing on lines of code used to be one of the primary goals?

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    Gary Jones

    For what it’s worth, the organisation in Genesis 2.0 is different, and for me at least, better structured. I’ve also put further thoughts forward so it’s even more logically organised, one that takes a more SMACSS approach, which sees it as Base, Layout, and a whole load of Modules. is my suggested TOC.

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