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    I’ve been running News 2.01 for a while now, but want to go responsive. So with the help of the Theme Test Drive plugin, I’ve been running and tweaking the CSS on News 2.1 and added some new plugins along the way. So I see 2.1, but my readers see the existing 2.01, and both live happily side by side without issues.

    Everything works just fine – the new plugins are operating exactly as they should under 2.01 and 2.1. But when I come to make 2.1 live, it all goes to pieces. It previews just fine, but when it goes live, it forgets the custom background and header, and throws the layout all over the place and dispenses with sidebar widgets. When I switch back to 2.01, everything returns to normal, and 2.1 can be used with Theme Test Drive just fine.

    The domain is Regular visitors see the News 2.01 theme.

    But here is the new 2.1 in live preview and operating just fine:

    And this is what happens when I make 2.1 live:

    So my question is this — why would theme operate just fine when used with the Theme Test Drive plugin, preview just fine without it, but go to pieces when activated? Could it be something as simple as a theme naming thing?



    UPDATE: Did a proper rename of the 2.1 theme to avoid any clashes, plus did an export/import of widget settings and it’s almost there now.

    Strange how it works in live preview but doesn’t translate when going active.



    Just wanted to say I have the exact same problem with test driving my new theme. It looks beautiful and works perfectly on my local WordPress installation & looks good enough in the online live preview, but when I activate the new theme, it looks horrible.

    So, back to my old theme it is for now, until I can find a moment in the middle of the night (when I have far less readers) to try and make everything work with my coveted new theme.



    In order for more experienced people to help you with this – both of you need to provide URLS to your website so we can see what’s happening.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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